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Natal Charts are perfect for everyone wanting to understand and know themselves better; because just as the moon influences the sea level, by analyzing the planetary position at the date of your birth, you can understand the influence each planet has on you and your life.

With my Natal Chart Readings you will get a 10 - 15 Pages PDF File, in a Letter Like Format in which I'll explain directly to you the role each planet is going to have in your life and how it can influence you in your way of acting and thinking based on the position they have in your chart and in which Houses or Signs they are located.

A Natal Chart Reading can help you realize your strengthens and weakness so you can understand yourself better and make the most of your life.

For Booking a Natal Chart Reading you are going to need the exact date, time and place of your birth. 

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DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER: By purchasing an claiming a reading you fully understand that the message the cards have for you is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as a fact or medical, judicial, financial or personal advice, releasing from any liability about the decisions you make the Tarot Reader / Provider of the Service, since what the cards say is not fixed in stone and you have the power to build and make your own future with the actions and decisions you make today, so be wiser and trust your knowledge, experience and intuition to make the right decisions in life for yourself.

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