Discover what’s the message of your dreams with my Dream Interpretation services available for booking now open

It is believed that the dreams that we are able to remember are the ones that carry an special message or advice to our life from our subconscious self.

So dreams interpretation could be consider a craft that remotes all the way back to the Ancient Egypt and Greeks, who believed dreams to be the communication between the higher gods or divinities with humans. 

By analyzing the symbols, elements, people, places or events in your dreams I can help you understand the message your subconscious or higher self is trying to tell you. 

So depending on the length on your dream, the price for your dreams interpretation is:

Short Length Dream: $19.99 
(Up to 75 words)

Medium Length Dream: $29.99
(Up to 200 words)  

Long Length Dream: $49.99
(Up to 500 words)   

Novel Length Dream: $99.99
(Up to 1500 words)

Additional 100 words: $10.00

So if you'd like to book a Dream Interpretation with me, please write down your dream on a word or google docs file to measure the words, and make the payment according to the length using this form: 
Select the length of your dream
Phone (US/Canada) or Whatsapp
Confirm Phone Number

Or you can send your payment via PayPal: paypal.me/helderz or Cash App: cash.app/$helderz and send me an screenshot to my phone or social media to:

Call or Text: +1 (407) 777 4184
Twitter: @WeeklyTarot
Facebook: @WeeklyTarot
Instagram: @WeeklyTarot 

All my services are are online without turn around times although dreams interpretation take me from 30 mins to a couples of hours to decipher, but I'll get back to you within minutes or a couple of hours maximum after making your payment depending on my availability and considering that my working hours are from 11:00 hours to 24:00 hours (EST) from Monday to Sunday. 

Also be assured that your money is guaranteed with me because if by the end of the reading you feel that it doesn't resonate with you, I'll refund you the payment entirely, since I don't want your money if my interpretation make no sense to you. 

Therefore there's nothing to lose and so much to win, because enlightenment, knowledge and peace of mind has no price, and that is what I try to bring to all my costumers with my interpretations.

So wait no more and contact me, because I'll be glad to deliver the message that your dreams and the universe have specially for you.