Are you looking for clarity in your life?  
Do you have questions? 
Feeling confused?
Needing a message from the Universe?

Discover the message the Universe has for you and find the answers, guidance or or clarity you seek with an online and personalized Tarot Reading.

Using the Ancient Knowledge and Symbolism hidden in the Tarot Cards I can help you bring clarity and guidance in your life with my Online Tarot Readings ON THE SPOT, so there is not a long turn around time to receive the answers of your questions or the message the Universe has for you.

To make the experience unique and special for you, I use my black felt board to personalize your reading, so you know that I am conducting the reading specially for you on the day and at the moment you book.

Personalized Blackboard.

I’ve conducted over 250 Tarot Readings in 2021  alone, only receiving great reviews and blessings from my costumers, so you will receive a real reading and a real interpretation of the cards that would adapt to your questions or the topic of the session, and not some lame copy/paste. because all my readings have a resonance guaranteed policy, so if by the end of the reading you feel like the message of the cards doesn't resonate with you I will refund your money entirely, since I don't want your money if I couldn't help you.

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DISCLAIMER AND WAIVER: By purchasing an claiming a reading you fully understand that the message the cards have for you is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken as a fact or medical, judicial, financial or personal advice, releasing from any liability about the decisions you make the Tarot Reader / Provider of the Service, since what the cards say is not fixed in stone and you have the power to build and make your own future with the actions and decisions you make today, so be wiser and trust your knowledge, experience and intuition to make the right decisions in life for yourself.