Tarot Readings

Book a Tarot Reading or Spiritual Esoteric Consultation now.

The tarot cards can answer all the questions or doubts that you have about your life, love, career, family, finances, etc.

Also it can help you make the right decisions by delivering the special message or advice the universe have for you to face your present situation and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

I conduct Same Day and Online Tarot Readings via Social Media, Email & Phone, and these are the readings I am currently offering:

1 Card Tarot Reading: $9.99
(1 Question or Topic)

3 Cards Tarot Reading: $19.99
(1 Question or Topic- 3 Cards Spread)  

5 Cards Tarot Reading: $25.00
(1 Topic - 5 Cards Spread 
or Multiple (up to 5) Questions) 

General Celtic Cross: $70.00

Extra Card / Question: $5.55 

Topics can be General, Love, Finances, Family, Advice or Message from the Universe (What you need to know).

So if you'd like a reading with me all you have to do is make your payment using this form: 

Select your Reading
Choose a Deck
Phone (US/Canada) or Whatsapp
Confirm Phone Number

Or you can send your payment via PayPal: paypal.me/helderz or Cash App: cash.app/$helderz and send me an screenshot to my phone or social media to get starting!

Call or Text: +1 (407) 777 4184
Twitter: @WeeklyTarot
Facebook: @WeeklyTarot
Instagram: @WeeklyTarot 

All my readings are online without turn around times, so I'll get back to you within minutes or a couple of hours maximum depending on my availability and considering that my reading hours are from 11:00 hours to 24:00 hours (EST) from Monday to Sunday. 

Also be assured that your money is guaranteed with me because if by the end of the reading you feel that it doesn't resonate with you, I'll refund you the payment entirely, since I don't want your money if my cards didn't help you. 

Therefore there's nothing to lose and so much to win, because enlightenment, knowledge and peace of mind has no price, and that is what I try to bring to all my costumers with my cards.

So wait no more and contact me, because I'll be glad to deliver the message the cards and the universe have specially for you.