The Tower

Hello there, thank you for visiting, I am Sir Helder Amos, the author and human behind this blog and the entire project called Weekly Tarot.

The main purpose of this project is to help you take all your negative thoughts, bad vibes, doubts or anxiety and dissipate it or better yet transform it into a positive mindset that can help you bring light, abundance, happiness and calmness into your life.

How? Using the message of the cards and my own words to help you change your perspective of life so you can see the bright or positive side of every situation you may be going thru. 

Because one of the main laws of the universe is duality so everything that happens to us in our life has two sides that contrast and complements one another. So it's all about focusing on the positive side and live a more happy and content life. 

Originally Weekly Tarot started as a Twitter Account back in July 2019, with the purpose to share free weekly tarot readings with everyone to test my knowledge and connection with my tarot cards, fortunately it got a nice and heart-whelming reception; I jumped from zero to 2 k followers in less than a month, and all the support you guys have shown me there have made me want to expand to this website and other social media platforms. 

But my history with the tarot cards go all the way back to the late 2000s, that's when I first started investigating about them and getting interested in them because I was going thru dark times, so I wanted to find something that would bring light and illumination into my life. 

Although I didn't get my first deck until 2013 when a dear friend gave to me as a present for having helped her and supported her in the achievement of an important monetary goal for her, so it's back on that date that I focused and started dedicating time and study to the cards. 

But my journey with the tarot cards hasn't been easy, because I decided to take the long and hard road and study and learn the cards by my own without any guide, mentor nor book on how to read them or interpret them, but based in the occult knowledge of ancient times and symbolism, colors, details and the figures each card contains. So it took me 6 years to fully comprehend and feel a connection with my cards, which I don't know if by chance or design only came to me after finishing reading the bible!

And along with the understanding of the cards came to me the illumination or light that I had been seeking, so I can say that the dark times and long years of study paid its effort, and it's that knowledge and experience that I gained that I wanna share with you through this project and my tarot readings.

Since part of that light (despite having it's roots on the inside) comes from you guys, because I never realized that helping others could be so rewarding, and it's your words of appreciation and gratitude that you share with me after each tarot reading that fuels this beacon of light inside of me and motivates me to keep doing this and keep creating and sharing new content with you to help you see the light as well!

So this is a project entirely and dedicated to you, to help you grow, evolve and become a better person, because my mission here is to help you transition from the vibes of The Tower Tarot Card, into The Magician Tarot Card, because if I were able to go from dark to light, I am sure that you are capable as well!

The Magician

So know that now you have a friend in me,

Sir Helder Amos.

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