Monday, April 25, 2022

From Darkness To Light.

Visual Surrealistic Contemporary Art
Feeling the Call, Following my Path

Today I wanna share a little piece of my spiritual journey with you.

So if you are feeling lost, confused, or anxious about the future, I really hope that my story helps you understand that it is just part of the journey.

Because my journey didn't start when I opened my twitter account back in 2019.

No, it actually started on 2009, when I was only 19, and at that time and I didn't know better in life.

Back in the day I was eager yet scared.

I wanted to grasp illumination but at the same time I wasn't ready for it.

And even though I had the call within me, I didn't know how to answer it.

So I felt confused, anxious and I got depressed.

I fell into a really dark pit from which I thought I had no way out.

Because I felt like I was drowning in the pieces of my life that was falling a part.

But little by little,

As I grew older,

The pieces of the big puzzle that was my life started to fall in the right place.

And as time kept going I started to understand life, and how the Universe was actually building me and working for my best interests.

Since all the darkness that I went through actually led me to open my twitter account and to write these words today.

Because if I hadn't gone through all that, I wouldn't be who I am today, and I kinda love who I have become.

That's why I tell you that if you are on a dark place right now, allow yourself some time.

Because Time heals.

Time teaches.

Time is magic.

So hang in there and just keep going, because eventually everything will make sense for you the day that you find yourself in the right path.

Because just as the Sun always come out after the night, so happens in life.

Nowadays I don't feel scared, nor anxious, I am in harmony with myself and the Universe.

So now I understand that everything that happens in my life is for my growth and for evolution.

I feel divinely guided, and that is what I wanted to express in my new profile pic.

And I pray that soon, you can feel that way too!!

So just be patience and kind with yourself, because I am sure that your time will come as well!

Always Sending you lots of Love & Light 💖

Sir Helder Amos / @WeeklyTarot


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