Saturday, April 23, 2022

5 Cards Pregnancy Spread Tarot Reading.

5 Cards Pregnancy Tarot Reading Spread

    Since I've been posting Mother's Day Tarot Readings Spread lately, I think it is only fair to also share an Spread for Woman who are planning to become a mother, so they can have an insight and a message from the cards about how ready they are to bring new life to this goal. 

    So the purpose of this spread is to help women who would like to get pregnant to listen to their body and to gain awareness of the challenges and lessons that becoming a mother will carry on for their life.

    Therefore, for this reading:

    The First Card will represent You: This card will bring and insight about yourself, where do you stand, how do you feel and a general perception of you.

    The Second Card will represent your Mind & Body: This card will tell you how your body and mind are preparing for the future pregnancy; it will also show us if your body and mind are harmonized and both looking into the right direction when it comes to getting pregnant.

    The Third Card will represent your Fertility: This card will give you an insight about how capable are you to actually bear a child, and it could also give you some pointers for you to seek more professional and medical help in order to get pregnant. 

    The Fourth Card will represent The Challenges of getting pregnant: This card is going to bring an insight and a glimpse to what getting pregnant is going to represent for you, so it will give a before hand tips of the obstacles and challenges you could have during the pregnancy so you can handle them better.

    And finally the Fifth Card will represent your Readiness: This card will wrap up reading telling you wether you are ready to get pregnant or if you have to focus on healing on other aspects of life and mature a little bit more before you get pregnant for a more healthy journey in your future pregnancy. 

    So use this spread to connect more within you, to discover more about your desires of becoming a mother and more importantly to communicate with your body and mind to really show you the readiness and willingness you have to bear life and start the most beautiful amazing journey there is.

    Feel free to try this spread at home  with your cards when your internal women clock goes off and you start experiencing the desire to have a child, or if instead you'd like me to conduct this spread for you in your next reading just let me know at the moment of booking session with me. 


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