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5 Cards Parenthood Readiness Spread

am I ready to become a mother ? Ready to be a parent parenthood readiness tarot reading
Parenthood Readiness Tarot Reading Spread

    If you want to know if you and your partner are ready to take the next step on your relationship and make a baby together this simple Spread for Parenthood Readiness Tarot Reading can help you bring clarity and insight about where you both are about becoming a parent. 

    So the purpose of this spread is to dig a little bit more within yourself and your partners to see if you both are ready to become parents and start growing the family.

    Therefore for this spread:

    The First Card will represent You: This card will bring an insight about your feelings and thoughts about becoming a parent, is you biological clock ticking? Do you have call? This card will tell. 

    The Second Card will represent Your Readiness: This card will tell if you are ready on a spiritual, mentally, emotionally and physical level to become a parent. 

    The Third Card will represent your Partner: This card will bring an insight about your partner's feelings and thoughts about becoming a parent. 

    The Fourth Card will represent your Partner's Readiness: This card will tell you if you partner is ready on a spiritual, mental, emotionally and physical level to become a parent. 

    And finally the Fifth Card will represent the Couple Readiness: So this card will wrap up the reading and will tell how ready you are as a couple to become parents, also this card can pin point what to heal and how to prepare for parenthood as it will show how harmonized you both are with the idea of expanding the family and bringing new life into the world. 

    So use this Tarot Spread to identify the readiness of you and your partner to become parents and take the relationship and journey together to the next level. 

    Feel free to give it a try to this spread with your partner at home with the cards and discuss the message the cards have for you both, or if you'd like me to do it for your, feel free to book a reading with me and ask for this spread at the moment of booking.


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