Saturday, April 23, 2022

5 Cards Future Baby Tarot Reading Spread

Baby Spread Tarot Reading to know what your baby will be like
Future Baby Spread 

    Expecting mothers can now have an insight about their future baby with this Original 5 Cards Spread.

    The purpose of this reading is to help expecting mothers connect and communicate with their baby and so they can strengthen the bonds together, also it will bring an insight about the future baby and awareness about what becoming a mother real is.

    So for this spread:

    The First Card will represent You: This card will tell you how you feel about expecting a baby and how are you handling becoming a future mother.

    The Second Card will represent Your Baby: This card will tell you how the baby feels inside your womb and how it is growing and mature as a future human being. 

    The Third Card will represent your Baby's Traits: This card will tell you how your baby personality is going to be once that it comes into the world, so this card brings a glimpse of your future baby.
    The Fourth Card represents your Baby's Gift: This card will tell you what gifts is the baby bringing into your life, is your baby coming into the world to make you more loving? Wiser? Stronger? This card will tell.

    And finally the Fifth Card represents the Baby's Message: And this card will tell you the message your future baby wants you to know, so it will bring a few words for you to understand and communicate with your baby even better.

    This reading actually opens up and prepare expecting mothers for the symbiotic relationship they already have with their baby, because mothers learn just as much from their babies as the babes learn from them, so this spread helps understand mother that they are not only here to teach and raise their babies, but their babies will also raise them.

    So if you are an expecting mom give it a try to this spread and discover the message and lessons your future baby can have for you even from the womb, or if you'd like me to do it for you, just book a session with me and ask for this spread and I'll gladly deliver the message your future baby has for you. 


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