Sunday, April 24, 2022

5 Cards Father Spread Tarot Reading for Father's Day

5 Cards Father Spread Tarot Reading 

    As Father's Day approaches it is a good time to show you this Original Spread I creates to improve my relationship with my father over the years. 

    The purpose of this spread is to help you strengthen the relationship with your dad or communicate with him if he no longer is this earthly realm. 

    So for this spread:

    The First Card will represent your Father: This card will give you a general insight about your dad's life, how is he doing and how is everything going on his end. 

    The Second Card will represent You: This card will give you an insight of how your father perceives you  and what he thinks of you. 

    The Third Card will represent His Feelings and what does he hide Under his Skin: So this card will help you see the true feelings and intentions of your father towards you, since men are usually hard to read and they have a hard time expressing their feelings. 

    The Fourth Card will Represent his Perception of you: Is he proud? Does he expect more from you? Is he happy for you? This card will tell you exactly that. 

    And finally the Fifth Card will represent the Message Your Dad Has For You: This card will bring some words that your father would like you to know and bring inner guidance from your dad would like you to have but that he doesn't know how to express. 

    So this spread will give a completely new perspective about your father and it may lead to enjoying, healing, fixing or improving your relationship with him or to gain more appreciation to your father.   
    Give it a try at home with your cards, and if your dad is into Tarot Readings as well you can comment the message of the cards with him so he can share with you his insights about it, but if on the other hand you would prefer me to conduct this reading for you, feel free to book a session with me and request this spread. 


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