Friday, April 22, 2022

5 Cards Earth Day Tarot Reading

5 Cards Earth's Day Tarot Reading Spread

    Today we celebrate the day of the beautiful planet we live in, so it is a great day to honor it and also to meditate and reflect about the journey and connection we have built with our home planet.

    So for the only purpose to celebrate Earth's Day I created this original Tarot Reading Spread to communicate with our planet and align ourselves better with it. 

    Therefore for this spread:

    The First Card will represent your Place on Earth: This card will give an in-depth insight about where are you standing at the moment in your life in all aspects, emotionally, spirituality and also physically.

    The Second Card will represent your Purpose on Earth: This card will provide you guidance on your path and will bring more clarity about what is it that you have to do in this planet to enjoy your journey. 

    The Third Card will represent your Connection with Earth: This card will show how you honor the Earth, how you communicate with it, and how have you been treating the planet... have you been respectful? grateful? This card will tell it all. 

    The Fourth Card will represent How you can Improve Earth: following along with the second card, this card will give you some about how you can make the planet little better that aligns with your purpose and raison d'être. 

    And finally the Fifth Card will represent the Message the Earth has for you, this could be a piece of advice or some words to bring reassurance for you to your journey in this planet. 

    This is a great Tarot Reading Spread to bring awareness to you, your path and journey, because remember we are one with the Earth as the Universe is just one big System. 

    So give it a try with your cards, or just book a reading with me and request this spread, and remember that you don't have to wait strictly to Earth's Day to conduct this reading, because you are living on this planet everyday not just one day a the year. 


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