Tuesday, April 5, 2022

3 Cards Insight Spread General Tarot Reading for beginners!

3 Cards Spread to find solutions insights to obstacles and problems Tarot Reading for beginners and for learning the Tarot Cards
3 Cards Insight Spread

It is normal for you and for everyone to reach a certain time in your life in which you could feel that things are not progressing or that you might have some blockages in your life and path. 

So when that feeling hits this easy 3 Cards Tarot Reading Spread can help you bring clarity and the solution to it, because this spread will provide you with an insight or a different perspective of your situation for you to understand and see everything better. 

So for this spread the First Card will represent you, and this card will show you where do you stand right now, what do you feel, what do you think and what is your current vision and perspective of what you are going through.

The Second Card (which goes horizontally over the first card) will represent the obstacles you are going through at the moment, so this card is going to tell you why are you feeling what you are feeling or why you are thinking what you are thinking, as this card crosses the You Card, it represents everything that is blocking or crossing your path in your life journey. 

And on the other hand the Third Card will represent the solution, so this last card will give you an insight about the actions or focus you should take in order to either heal or overcome the obstacles or blockages that you have in your life or journey. 

Also the third card will wrap up the reading and provide with a full insight of your situation and the ways out of it, for you to continue enjoying and living your journey at the fullest.

So the next time you feel like there is a blockage in your life give it a try to to this easy and simple spread to get a new perspective and a different opinion from the Cards and the Universe about your situation. 

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