Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Most Complete 5 Cards General Reading Spread

5 Cards Tarot Reading

General Tarot Readings are pretty good to bring a new perspective about your life, and I find that this spread is the most complete spread there is, because it gives you an insight of your life and three different aspects of your life to conclude with a general message to help you improve and get better in life. 

And the best of all is that this is a very simple spread because:

The First Card will represent you and bring an insight about what's going on presently in your life.

The Second Card will represent your Love Life, and this will give you an insight about how things will be going with your heart and the relationships in your life. 

The Third Card will represent your Finances, and it will give you a new perspective about how your finances could go and bring you some tips about how to handle better your money.

The Fourth Card will represent your Health, and it will foretell possible health issues and bring some pointers to improve your health. 

The Fifth Card will represent the General Insight for your life at the moment, this card will wrap up the whole reading and will provide with tools and insights to make your life better. 

In my opinion, everyone can use this spread, even Tarot Enthusiasts or Beginners so you don't need a high level to get the Message the Tarot Cards using this spread. 

So, if you want a complete and simple Tarot Reading feel free to try this spread with your cards, or if you'd like me to do conduct a Reading Using this spread for you, just book a session with me and tell me that you'd like this spread. 


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