Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Best 5 Cards General Tarot Reading Spread.

Tarot Readings Online and on the spot spread for free tarot readings near me on youtube

Today I wanna share with you what I think is the best 5 Cards Spread for General Tarot Readings, because this spread can really give you an insight of yourself and what is going in around you in your life. 

This is like short version of the Celtic Cross spread, so it is great for basic general readings without digging too deep within yourself, so I like using this spread as a warm up for my In-Person or Video Tarot Readings. 

And the meaning of the cards is as follow:

1 Card: You - This card will represent you and it will give you an insight of what you feel or what you are thinking at the moment, it can also show your strength points or vulnerabilities, 

2 Card: Above - This card will represent what is above you or in your head, this card will basically tell you what your thoughts, ideas or worries, all that is in your mind and the air castles you've build. 

3 Card: Below -  This card will represent what is below you or on your ground (under your feet), so it will tell you where you stand and what is the realistic situation where your life is. 

4 Card: Behind -  This card will represent that is behind you or what you are leaving in the past, so it will represent the cycles that you are closing or show what you have recently moved on. 

5 Card: Before -  This card will represent what is before you or what is the near future coming for you, so this card will bring an insight to your life so you can build the future you desire. 

Pretty dope, uh? 

I hope that you find this spread useful and that you give it a try at home, but if you'd like me to do this spread for you, feel free to contact me to book a Tarot Reading with me! 

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