Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Basic 3 Cards Love Tarot Reading Spread

3 cards love tarot reading for couple or people in a relationship  love psychic reading
3 Cards Love Tarot Reading

When it comes to Love Tarot Readings sometimes keeping it simple is the best approach, and that’s why this basic and well known spread is always so effective and pretty popular among Tarot Readers. 

So for this Spread:

The First Card represents the querent, and it brings clarification about their feelings and thoughts about the relationship. 

The Second Card represents the partner of the querent, and it brings an insight of their feelings and thoughts about the relationship, with the purpose to see both sides of the coin. 

And the Third Card represents the relationship, and this card brings an insight about the situation of the relationship, along with some pointers about what to focus on he relationship, what to heal, and how to handle the relationship itself. 

For reading the third card you have to keep in mind the two previous cards and correlate them so you don’t miss anything, because the relationship card is the one that is going to put the reading together.

So as you can see this is a pretty basic and simple reading that can be really insightful, in fact, this is the preferred spread my customers choose when booking a Love Reading with me, because of how good and effective it is. 

So feel free to try at home with your cards or if you’d like me to conduct this reading for you, contact me via social media to book a session with me. 


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