Tuesday, February 8, 2022

What is Blocking Your Love Life? 3 Cards Love Blockage Tarot Reading Spread

A blockage in your love life could prevent you from finding the right partner for you, or to feel stuck in your relationship. 

So identifying the blockage you may have in your love life could be needed for you to heal and to re-align yourself with your heart in order to either find the right person for you or to enjoy more your relationships. 

Luckily there is a 3 Cards Love Blockage Spread for Singles or People in a Relationship to help you have an insight of what's going on with your love life.

Here it is:

Love tarot reading spread blockage 3 cards
Love Blockage 3 Card Tarot Reading

For this spread the 1st Card will represent yourself or your relationship, to have an insight of your feelings, what you want and what is your situation with your love life at the present time.

The 2nd Card will represent the blockage that you or your relationship has, this card will point out what is wrong with your love life.

And the 3rd Card will bring an insight of what you need to heal, work on or do in order to fix your love life and remove the blockages that might be affecting your love life.

This is spread is very simple and easy to do and you can do it yourself with your cards at home or if you'd like me to do this spread for you, know that my bookings are open for online and on the spot tarot readings.

I hope this little spread helps you heal your love life so you can enjoy more your life.

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