Thursday, February 24, 2022

Angel's Numbers - What do they mean?

Angel's Numbers meaning 000 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999  Numerology Signs Esoteric Occultism

We  are surrounded by Angels all the time, because they are either protecting us, helping us or simply just watching over us. 

And the only way they can communicate with us is by signs, so in this post I’ll be explaining the more common Numbers our Angels use to communicate with us.


This number calls for you to connect more with your intuition & to trust the path you are on, because you are just at the beginning of your journey.

It means that you are like a white canvas so you have the power to make, design or build your life the way you want it to be.


This is the number of initiation, so seeing this number repeatedly means that a new begging is coming for you. 

So when you see this number be on the lookout for new opportunities and to live new experiences or meet new people. 


This number represents changes and the take of action, so when you see this number your angels are telling you that positive changes are coming so it might be time for you to take the actions needed to change your life and to direct it to the destination you want it to have.


This is your Master Guides’ number, so when you see this number repeatedly it means that soon you’ll be meeting with your guides, so be more receptive with people and be open to listen to their advice because you don’t know what form tour guides could take. 


This is the Foundation number, so when you see this number your angels want you know that it is time to focus on yourself  so you can heal, accept or love yourself better. 

Put yourself and your priorities first so you can put yourself together and enjoy more your life. 


This number represents balance and the middle point, so when you see this number your angels wants you to focus on finding balance in your life so you can be strong and to hang in there, because everything that you are going through is just temporary.


Despite the popular belief that this is the number of the Devil, 666 is the number of knowledge and wisdom.

So when you see this number your angels wants you to trust more the knowledge, wisdom & experience you  already have in your life to make the right decisions for you.


This is the number associated with God, so when you see this number your angels wants you to know that you are aligned with the Universe and that it is conspiring in your favor. 

Good fortune, luck and success is on your side when you see this number. 


This is the number of abundance and prosperity, so when you see this number your angels want you to know that you are about to be blessed by them, so be open to receive all the goodness and blessings the Universe has for you. 


It represents the end of things, closing cycles, moving on.

When you see this number your angels want you know that you are on the final steps before moving on to a new phase or stage of your life.

So be ready to let go and move on, because everything is coming to an end.

So now that you know what these basic Angel’s Numbers mean the next time that you see them around try to take a pause and meditate about their meaning and how they can relate to your life, so you can understand the message that your angels are trying to transmit to you. 

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