Monday, January 24, 2022

Practice THIS with your Tarot Cards to Manifest your Dreams! - Tarot Magic

Manifest the life of your dreams with this tip from the law of attraction to manifest your dreams using the tarot cards
Manifestation Tip Using the Tarot Cards

The Art of Materializing your Dreams is called Manifestation. 

I want to share with you the secret to start manifesting your dreams, because there is nothing more beautiful than unlocking your potential and getting aligned with the Universe to materialize your desires. 

So today I want to talk to you about the first stage of the art of manifestation, which is GRATITUDE.

Because the Universe is pretty much like us, imagine that you have a friend who is always asking for favors and never ever saying “thank you”, most likely you’ll get tired of this friend ungratefulness and wouldn’t like to do more favors to him/her. 

 So it’s the Universe with us, if you are always asking and trying to manifest your desires without being grateful for the blessings that the Universe has already bestow upon you, then most likely the Universe will ignore your requests until you learn to value your life and what you have. 

 And here is one of the meditation exercises I practice using the Tarot Cards to be grateful about what I have: I imagine myself being the man in the IX of Cups. 

Manifestation law of Attraction practice with the tarot cards esoteric occult knowledge to be more attractive and make your dreams come true
The IX of Cups

I imagine myself being the man in that card and that I fill all nine cups in the back of the card with all the things or emotions I am grateful to have and/or feel to acknowledge the blessings and desires that I’ve already been granted, so more things and blessings can keep coming and pouring into my life. 

So I invite you to practice this and to write down and list 9 things that you are grateful for in your life that will fill your cups and bring you contentment. 

And just like that you will be opening the doors of manifestation for your life. 

Always sending you lots of love and light. 
Sir Helder Amos / Weekly Tarot.

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