Saturday, January 29, 2022

How to Spot a Legit Tarot Reader.

Picking the right Tarot Reader and spiritual coach for you is going to mark a huge difference in your life. 

So here are 5 ways for you to identify a Legit Tarot Reader so the next time you need a Tarot Reading or any type of Spiritual Service, you can pick the right one for you.

1. Legit Tarot Readers wait for their clients to come to them.

A Real Tarot Reader will NEVER slide into your Direct Messages or Reach you offering their services or telling you that their ancestors has a message for you, and that they will deliver it to you if you book a session with them. 

Because Legit Tarot Readers wait for you to come to them.

2. Legit Tarot Readers wait for the client to ask for more services.

A Real Tarot Reader will NEVER try to outsell their services or play nasty marketing (like funnels) techniques on you to get the most money out of your pocket. 

So be really doubtful and weary of Tarot Readers that right before finishing the sessions offer to conduct expensive spells or to cut curses or ties that only them can do. Since most likely they just want to take the most money out of you. 

Because despite Legit Tarot Readers can use advertising to promote their services, we always wait for the client or customer to ask about them without pushing them down their throat.

3. Legit Tarot Readers have affordable prices. 

A Real Tarot Reader is conscious that everyone should be able to receive the message the Universe / the Cards have for them. So Legit Tarot Readers try to keep their prices affordable and balanced with their time, work, energy and knowledge.

So just because a Tarot Reader is expensive doesn’t mean that he or she is good. 

All the contrary, usually for the most expensive Tarot Readers you would be paying more for their fame, than for the actual Message of the Universe. So don't let prices fool you.

4. Legit Tarot Readers show themselves.

A Real Tarot Reader is not afraid to show their face, who they are, what they do, how they do it and when they do it. 

Because we, legit tarot readers, understand that our image is the best presentation card we have; so we show ourselves as real as we are.

That is why you should always try to pick a reader who show themselves and try to avoid readers who hide under an avatar or anime profile pic because you don’t know who that person might be or what their intentions could be.

5. Legit Tarot Readers are able to explain the reasoning behind the messages they deliver.

And the best way to know if a Tarot Reader is Legit or not is asking them a simple question: 

“How do you know that?” Or “From where are you pulling this information?”

Because Legit Tarot Readers base the message they deliver in their readings on what they see or feel in the cards, and a Real Tarot Reader would be ecstatic to answer those questions and to see that you are more involved in the reading. 

That's why a Real Tarot Reader should always be able to give you a straight answer to those questions, and to explain what points, signs or elements from the cards they took into consideration to say what they said in the reading.

So if a reader try to avoid those question or just give you vague answers doubt of their legitimacy, because most likely they are just making things up.

I hope this little tips help you a pick Legit and Real Tarot Reader for your consultations. 

I wrote this post based on a series of Tik Tok / Reels I made a few months ago, here is the compilation I made of them if you want to see the raw material.

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