Friday, December 31, 2021

New Year Prediction 5 Card Spreads Tarot Reading!

New Year Tarot Reading online bookings open 5 card spread to know what is going to happen next year
5 Cards Spread Tarot Reading for Predicting the New Year

Another year is coming to an end, so it is time to say thank you, next to 2021 and leave it in the past, because there is nothing much left to say about how this year treated you. 

So the best you can do is just learn the most out of this ending year and flip to page into a new one to continue writing your history.

And the best way to prepare and open yourself for the upcoming new year is with a Tarot Reading, so I prepared this New Year Prediction Spread of 5 cards, which will give you an insight of the general vibes and blessings, opportunities, abundance or obstacles and troubles that the new year have in store for you.

For this spread the first card would represent you, and what would be your role or your attitude in general during the next year. 

The second card will show you what would be the general vibes during the first quarter of the year (January, February and March) and what major events, situations and how your journey would be during these first three months. 

The third, forth and fifth card will have the same intention of the second card but with the following quarters of the year, so the third card will represent what is coming for you the months of April, May and June, the fourth will represent the third quarter of the year (July, August, and September), and finally the last card will wrap up the year by showing you how the vibes will go for October, November and December.

This five cards prediction spread for new year concludes with a general view of the five cards to analyze and bring a general message for the whole year. So it is a very insightful and useful reading that could help you make the most of next year. 

Feel free to try it at home with your cards, or if you’d like me to conduct this 5 Cards Tarot Reading for you, you can book an online and on the spot session with me by clicking here

I hope you like this spread, and Happy New Year! 
May This 2022 be filled with love, blessings, health, abundance and happiness for all of us! 
Sir Helder Amos / @WeeklyTarot 

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