Thursday, November 18, 2021

Astrology x Tarot: The ten astros as Major Arcana.

The Astros as Major Arcana Cards

In my previous post I related each of the 12 Houses in Astrology with 12 Major Arcana Cards, so that left me with 10 Major Arcana cards that I feel suit perfectly the 10 Astros that we have to to take into consideration for interpreting or reading a Astral Chart. 

So lets see..

First, the Sun, represented by Apolo is the G—d of prophecy and it s associated with the ego, a sense of purpose and vitality. So the Major Arcana Card that represents it is the World, because The sun is what creates life and make all the planets revolve around it.

The Moon, represented by Artemis, the Goddess of hunting, is associated with emotions, intuitions & motherly instincts. And the High Priestess represents it, as this card represents wisdom, intuition, emotions and our divine feminine side, which are also associated with the moon.

Mercury, represented by Hermes, the good of messengers, associate with communication, wit and cleverness. And the Judgement card is the best for it, as this card carries the trumpet that announces and communicates the new age and time to wake up and come out from our shells.

Venus, represented by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, romance and lust, associated with beauty, fertility and happiness.  Of course it’s the Lovers, because it is the card of love and it represents Venus in all its qualities and effect that it has over our life.

Mars, represented by Ares, the G—d of War, is associated with the struggles and battles that we are going to have during our lifetime. So the Chariot is the perfect card for it, since this card represents war, battles, struggles, so it has the exact same meaning as Mars.

Jupiter, represented by Dias, the Father of Thunder and also known as the planet benefactor, it is associated with all the blessings that come into our life & by showing helping us in our path. So the Moon is the card for it, as it represents the obstacles we’ll have in our life

Saturn, represented by Cronus, the G—d of agriculture and father of Jupiter, is associated with Karma, Justice, and Ambition & Pessimism. So Justice is the card for it, because this card represents being objective about fair in the our judgments, so it suits the karmic a Saturn.

Uranus, represented by Ouranos, the G—d of the sky, this planet is associated with originality, eccentricity and discovering our true self. And the card for it is the Hermit, because only by isolating yourself is that you get to know and embrace who you really are.

Neptune, represented by Poseidon, the G—d of the Sea,  it is associated with our dreams, illusions and the vagueness of the self. So the Star is the perfect Major Arcana card for it, as it also represents illusion & the water representation in it, relates to Neptune’s core meaning.

And Pluto, represented by Hades, the G—d of Underworld, is associated with death, chaos, destruction, eventualities & everything that is unseen. So the Tower embraces the meaning of this planet, as this is the card of troubles which force us to grow (even unwilling) like Pluto.

And with that we have that the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, can be related to the 12 Houses and the 10 Astros that can dictate or influence our life based in Astrology. 

And now you can use this representation to read and understand better your chart using the Tarot Cards.

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