Monday, November 8, 2021

Astrology X Tarot: The 12 Houses as Major Arcana Tarot Cards.

Astrology x Tarot Using the Tarot Cards to Understand better Astrology.
Astrology X Tarot

Lately I've been studying Astrology really hard because I think that our fate is written in the stars, and I couldn't help relating Astrology with the Tarot Cards, as the cards are my forte.

So I used the cards to help understand better how Astrology works. 

Since as many of you may know, a Natal Chart is divided into 12 sections, which are called Houses, that serves as a guide to understand the influence of each planet has on us depending on their position of the at the moment of our birth. 

Meanwhile, on the other hand, we have the Tarot and the Major Arcana, which is composed of 22 cards that represents our journey on this earthly realm. So the Major Arcana represents each of the phases that we have to go through as a human to evolve mentally and spiritually.

So based on the meaning of each of the 12 Houses, I associated a Major Arcana card to it to help me understand them better. 

The First house, ruled by Aries, is the house of Self, which is related to new beginnings and the resources we are going to have to succeed in life. This house could be represented by the Magician, the first card in the Major Arcana, because the Magician has all the resources he needs to do magic.

The Second House, ruled by Taurus, is the house of Value and Possessions, related to money and all the wealth and money we can have in this realm. This house could be represented by the Emperor, the card of wisdom and power, as he managed to own a kingdom for and by himself.

The Third House, ruled by Gemini, is the house of sharing or communications, which represents our generosity and how we manage to balance ourselves with our surroundings. So the Temperance card is perfect for it, as it recall balance and perfect harmony.

The Fourth House, ruled by Cancer, is the house of Home and Family, which determines our origins & roots and the motherly instincts we will have in our life. And the mother of the Tarot Cards is the Empress, which represent motherhood & by being surrounded by the woods, frugality.

The Fifth House, ruled by Leo, the House of Pleasure, focus in our hobbies and activities we enjoy doing and what bring us happiness. And the Sun is the perfect card for it, because the 5th house also represents children and fertility, which are the main characteristic of this card.

The Sixth House, ruled by Virgo, is the House of Health, both physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. This is the house of vigor and strength. So the Strength card represents this house, and this card embraces all the qualities of the sixth house.

The Seventh House, ruled by Libra, is the House of Balance or Partnerships, which rules all our partnerships, marriage, business matters and diplomacy. So the Hierophant is the card to represent this house, as it is a card related to politic, relationships, and agreements.

The Eight House, ruled by Scorpio, is the house of transformation and sex, and it tell us about our death and rebirths in life (death always speaking metaphorically) and the sexual relationships and commitments well have in life.  So the Death card represents this house.

The Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius, is the house of Philosophy and Purpose, and it is through this house that we discover ourselves and come to find our place in this world. So the Fool is the card for it, as this card depicts the journey of self discovery we have to go thru in life.

The Tenth House, ruled by Capricorn, is the house of Enterprise or Social Status, and in this house we find our ambitions, motivations, career and our need to be important. Which can be represented by the Devil as this card represents what chain us to the world.

The Eleventh House, ruled by Aquarius, is the house of blessings and friendships, and this house represents the good luck we can have in our life and the benefits we can get from the relationships we build. So the Wheel of Fortune is the perfect card for it, as it represents luck.

And finally the Twelfth House, ruled by Pisces, is the house of Sacrifice and Unconsciousness, which relates about our coping mechanism and the sacrifices we have to do in order to achieve our greater end & the illumination we’ll reach as we mature and evolve. So the Hanged Man is the perfect card for it as it embraces all those characteristics.

And those are the Major Arcana Cards that represents the 12 Houses we can find in an Astral Chart. I really hope you found this post interesting, and that it has helped you to bring clarity and understanding on how the Tarot Cards can relate to Astrology.

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