Saturday, January 9, 2021

Saturday, January 9: VII of Cups.

VII of Cups, Inverted.
😲 Again! 🀩

What are the chance of pulling the same card two days in a row? 

So today’s message from the cards is the reassurance that, indeed, your dreams are achievable and that they can become reality. 

Because this whole new year 2021 vibes are all about new beginnings and new opportunities, and what better opportunity than to have a chance to make our dreams come true? 

So keep dreaming, and most importantly keep putting some effort and work towards the realization of your dreams despite the situation or casualties you might be going thru in your life, because it is really often that the cards give us such a reassurance as today, so take these words and use it to fuel your motivation and ignite the power that lies within you! ✨

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