Sunday, December 20, 2020

Good Bye 2020, Hello 2021!

The awful 2020 is coming to an end, and you know what that means? 

It means it’s that time of the year to start planning and making our resolutions for next year, and despite the fact that this year was pretty bad for most of us because of the corona virus (Covid-19) and the lock-downs, it proved one thing: that we are strong, that we are warriors, that we are capable to face every obstacle or eventuality in our life and that we can and will keep going!

Because you, I and everyone who made it thru this year are a survivor. So we should never forget 2020 because it made us prove ourselves, it showed us what we really are made of, and most importantly it made us value our freedom and realize what it is that really matter for us in our life. 

Fortunately, it is time to flip the page and welcome the next upcoming year with a new positive mindset, taking into the account all the lessons, experiences and knowledge the 2020 brought to us with its challenges, obstacles and pain that we had to go through, to become the stronger person we are today. 

So let’s welcome 2021 with open arms and a smile in our face, because now that we know our strength and our worth, we will be unstoppable next year! 

And the best way to prepare for a new year is, of course, with a tarot reading! So I've prepared a special 2021 Monthly Prediction Tarot Reading Package to help you have an insight of what to expect next year. 

2021 Prediction Tarot Reading

With this reading you will have an insight, month by month, of how your energy and your environment is going to be like next year. So you can use this knowledge to your benefit, and plan better your life to go accordingly with each month’s vibes, and for accomplishing that this reading contains:

  • 1 Guide Card that will represent your energy thru next year.
  • 12 Cards Year Reading (1 Card per month)
  • 3 Answers to your questions for next year (1 Card per Question)
  • And a 3 Card General advise from the cards for your  2021
The value price of this 19 cards reading is usually around $49.99 but for a major connection with the upcoming year vibes I am lowering to $20.21

I will only be conducting this reading from Dec 19 to Jan 18 so if you'd like to get this Special 2021 Monthly Prediction Tarot Reading with me just you better book it before it’s too late, all you have to do is click here to fill the form with your information, and you’ll receive your reading in your email in the following 72 hours or less in a .PDF file for you to read or print and check every month! 

So, I’ll be looking forward to do my tarot cards predictions for you, but meanwhile I wanna wish you a Happy Holidays and send you lots of love and good vibes! 


Sir Helder Amos 

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